GP Basics: Historical Inventory Trail Balance in Excel

Historical Inventory Trial Balance is available in Inventory  > Reports > Activity > Historical IV Trial Balance Report. This report will run into several hundred pages most times based on the size of Inventory.

To have this report in excel is always a good choice and easy to work on the report for reconciliation purposes if you have it nice formatted excel worksheet. Smartlist by making use of smartlist builder makes it an easy task. All you have to do is build a custom smartlist builder report using SEE30303 Table (Termed as Inventory Transaction History Detail Table in GP).

I am providing a link to download the smartlist that gives the Inventory Historical Trial balance. Please note that I’ve used Item Master table also along with Inventory Transaction History Detail table in order to pull Item description from the former because Item description is not stored in the latter.

Download the smartlist and import it into Smartlist Builder using smartlist builder Import functionality. As and when needed, You can just get the smartlist results and export it into excel.

Click the link below to get this smartlist.

Inventory Historical Trial Balance report File