GP Basics: Inventory BOM And Manufacturing BOM

There are two Bill of Materials available in Dynamics GP where Manufacturing module is installed. One Bill of Materials (BOM) is available in the Inventory module, Which I’d call it as Inventory BOM or Core BOM. The other BOM is from Manufacturing module where it is more detailed and extensive functionality.

The Inventory BOM works best with companies having a very simple production process so as to just assemble materials into a finished product. Here production is recorded after the fact.

The Manufacturing BOM makes use of both Inventory and Manufacturing order processing modules where the production of finished goods is recorded. In addition to Material costs, Labor costs are also tracked.



WIP is not tracked Tracks WIP for Materials, Labor and Machine Time
Enter standard and Design QTY Enter Fixed and variable QTY
Link to associate Lot and serial numbered items with Lot and serial numbers of FG Link with the BOM item to a particular Routing sequence
Only one BOM type Multiple BOM Types and Categories (Manufacturing, Engineering, Archived, Configured and Super)
Each Component on BOM can have effective and obsolete date Each component on BOM can have effective in date and out date
No Lead Time Lead time by BOM Date
No integration with SOP and POP Integrates with SOP and POP
Visual Indicators for serial/lot tracked items and overrides Visual indicators for BOM Items such as Alternates, Serial/Lot tracked, Phantom
User defined fields for the assembly document User defined fields for the BOM components
BOM Copy BOM Copy
No Revision levels Track revision numbers for all changes to BOm
Quantities can be entered only in base UOM Quantities can be entered in UOM Schedule and not necessarily base UOM
No Mass update Automatically update BOM changes using BOM Mass update
No Floor Stock ability Mark Items as Floor stock

For more information, Refer to this post from Mariano Gomez on the same subject.

Inventory BOM vs Manufacturing BOM