The selected position is default and cannot be deleted

The title of the post “The selected position is default and cannot be deleted” is actually an error message that is encountered in Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal Requisition Management module.

This message will pop up when we try to delete a user in Approval hierarchy who is appearing multiple times in the hierarchy and is assigned the default status.

When the settings are such that users can be added multiple times in the hierarchy, the approval hierarchy of the requisition management allows the user to be added multiple times. For example, User A Assigned under User B and the same User A assigned under User C.

The question is which level this user will be assigned default status? Default User status is assigned when the user is first defined in the approval hierarchy. Typically, it is called the first level. In the above example, User A is assigned under User B and then to User C. In this case, User A assigned to User B will be assigned default status.

Assume a scenario, You realize User A under User B is no longer required, and you quickly navigate to the hierarchy proceeding to delete this user. Immediately system throws the error message in the post title.

Solution to this problem is to first change the default status of User A under User B to User A under User C. In other words, Assign the default to a level other than the first level in which User A is assigned. This can be done by right-clicking the User and click Assign Default.

Once this is done, You can now proceed to delete the user which was earlier a default user and you no longer see this message.