Dynamics blogger Video channel on You tube

I remember those days past a year or so when I created Twitter account where I started syndicating the GP blog posts and later did a lot experiments like Facebook group, MSdynamicswire.com website and network creation.  dynamics blogger.com is another new addition that is created recently quarter ago. Although not all experiments are successful, yet, I derive some learning out of each experiment and I enjoy it. Now comes another experiment that is Dynamics Blogger YouTube video channel.

I realized presenting your thoughts in a video format is much easier than writing long sentences. However, I must say I also realized how tough it is to create a video of your own but I’m confident I’ll learn it the hard way in due course of time.

Here comes the latest videos on the channel.

Dynamics GP 2010 Auto Login – This video shows few steps to activate this feature

Excel And Dynamics GP Export Solutions in Smart list – This video shows how to use export solutions in smart list with an example.