Integration Manager crashes

Sometimes we might not be that lucky to get through with our imports through Integration Manager remotely. A remote session will kill the ongoing Integration and leave the Dynamics GP running despite the crash. I’ve made interesting observations that will save your time next time you encounter the same for some reason.

1. Integration Manager crashes while doing the integrations using terminal server or Citrix like environment. Or for that matter applications like Team viewer, LogmeIn so on.

2. It will crash only when we try to do the integrations using Integration Manager standard destination adapter that requires Dynamics GP session to be on. This doesn’t happen for IM eConnect adapter.

3. This happens when the integration tries to open another GP window during the course of Integration.


1.There is no proven solution to the above problem.

2. However when it happens, the first thing to do is to go to Task Manager and kill Dynamics.exe process that keeps running.

3. Log on to Dynamics GP and run the check links on Work tables where import is being made. If Sales documents are getting imported, then Run check links on Sales work tables as the integration manager crash will also lead to leaving some orphan records in Dynamics GP work tables. So We need to clean this mess up.

4. Don’t attempt the Integration again remotely after this and wait to do the integration in normal session.

5. If it cannot wait, then see if you can accomplish the same integration using econnect destination adapter. If yes, reconfigure your import to this adapter and re do the integration. It will go through this time.