How to Remove Analytical Accounting from Dynamics GP

Someone was asking me recently how to remove Analytical accounting completely from Dynamics GP 10 or 2010 for all companies. Here comes the detailed mechanism to do that.

1. Go to Add/Remove Programs

2. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010) from the list of programs and click change

3. Click Add/Remove Features

4. You’ll see Analytical Accounting is marked in select features window. Click Do not Install feature in AA Click Next and click finish.

5. Download the following scripts from Partner source or Customer source

    1. SQL Script 1
    2. SQL Script 2

6. Run the above scripts in SQL Server Management Studio against DYNAMICS database.

7. Run the following statement against DYNAMICS Database in SQL Server Management Studio

Delete DB_Upgrade where PRODID='3180' 
Delete DU000020 where PRODID='3180’

IMPORTANT: Please take backups of both databases and application folders prior to the uninstall process.