Integration Manager crashes - II

This article is a continuation of another article Integration Manager crashes published in July. I observed that the Integration Manager is hanging specially in GP2010 even in normal GP client. The behavior is such that after running an integration, the Dynamics GP screen fails to open up and dynamics.exe continue to be seen as active under processes in Windows Task Manager. Killing this process serves no good.

Possible Resolutions

1. I cannot be specific on the resolution as I have not personally experienced the error so far.

2. When we upgrade GP2010, GP2010 is installed as a separate instance and GP10 instance continue to exist and so is the case with Integration Manager for GP10.

3. In some cases, this IM instance is left installed and the same instance will be used to run the integrations on GP2010. This can lead to errors. Always ensure latest IM is installed with the required service packs.

4. It is recommended to uninstall GP10 and old IM instances from the computer completely before installing GP2010 and IM 11.

5. Another common error that we commit is to ignore converting(upgrading) the IM database from old database. Whenever we install a fresh instance of IM, it is required that the database is converted if the same integrations are required in the new one. To convert the database, Go to Tools >> Convert Database. Click Select Database and select the source database (old) and click Convert. Do not forget to copy the old database from old IM instance to this new instance before doing this exercise.

6. Do a Repair on the IM.

Update: (09-AUG-11)

Waqas has posted nice resolution to some of the Integration Manager errors that were encountered at the client machine for GP2010.

“The destination could not be initialized due to the following problem: ActiveX component can't create object”

“The destination could not be initialized due to the following problem:  Cannot create Active X Component.  Cannon create Active X Component”

“The RPC Server is unavailable “

Resolution can be adopted from his blog directly here.