Integration Manager hangs in GP 2010: III

Well. Someone looking at the title of the post can sense how important this topic seems to be. This is the third post in a row on the same topic. In fact this became a hot topic on community. It is worth to mention here that I’m receiving significant traffic from Google and Bing search specific to this error for the past 2 days. In the other two posts, I have covered generic troubleshooting segments for the error.

Some latest information is pouring into the community about this error that this behavior is due to a Microsoft .Net framework  update. IM is now designated as Hot topic by Microsoft which started occurring early last week. Complete information is available on this hot topic following the link here

Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is Unresponsive at the Beginning or End of an Integration 

The above link requires customer source login.

More information is available on Mariano Gomez Blog link here. Thanks to Mariano for providing this information.

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