Inventory HITB Smart list download: Update

I updated the Historical Inventory Trial Balance Smart list Builder report to version 1.1. In this version, the following changes are made to the earlier version 1.0.

  1. Added Excel Report Builder Report in addition to SLB Report. So, You can easily explore the results in Excel directly instead of exporting to excel every time.
  2. Added GL Balance as a calculated field which is a Net Balance field of Debit and Credit amounts on GL side of the report so as to easily compare against Extended cost field on Inventory side
  3. Added Account Description field to the Inventory and Inventory offset accounts.
  4. In Excel Report Builder for GP 10, we can arrange the fields using columns option so I have arranged the fields in Excel report but for smart list, I suggest to arrange fields globally by going to smart list options in System setup. This is not an issue in GP 11 though as we have options in GP 11 for the same.
  5. Separate Report is provided for Dynamics GP 11. See below

Download the Update files below

  1. For Dynamics GP 10: Version 1.1 Download
  2. For Dynamics GP 2010: Version 1.0 Download

Version Change History

  1. HITB V1.0 – Published on 06-FEB-11 (For Dynamics GP 10)
  2. HITB V1.1 – Published on 03-AUG-11 (For Dynamics GP 10)
  3. HITB 2010 V1.0 – Published on 03-AUG-11 (For Dynamics GP 2010)