Management Reporter Migration: My Take

When I had the first look at the management reporter, I’m quite impressed with its clean interface. I still remember when I wanted to install this piece of application on my Lenovo T410 ThinkPad, I was at home. I thought it is another windows executable straight installation. I was wrong and quickly realized it requires an active domain presence to even install it unlike other Microsoft applications which strictly ask for domain, but still allow us to install on a computer enabled with domain not necessarily asking us to be connected to the network. One such example is Dynamics AX.

Not necessarily all customers working on Dynamics GP own a domain network as they feel comfortable with a workgroup environment. Neither Dynamics GP nor the traditional FRx software forced them to upgrade the network to a domain till date and both of them proudly tell the customer to feed them with a domain and happy with wherever they are dumped. Thanks to their simplicity and modesty.

However, FRx, showed its discomfort with the 64-bit servers and insisted on it being installed on 32-bit servers. This drawback has become a selling point for Management Reporter and to proudly say that this piece supports 64-bit server thus becoming a great alternative to FRx at least on infrastructure side of it.

On one hand, MR brought lots of advantages like the 64-bit support and on the other hand, It also came up with a disadvantage, minor but critical that a domain network is MUST for it to work upon.

Thanks to my VPN connectivity, I could even connect to MR when I go out of office but what about those customers without these tools in place?

Which is why I feel some customers are still weighing their options to migrate to this masterpiece.