Round 2 US Payroll Tax Update is Released

Round 2 Payroll Update is now available for download on Customer source

The much awaited US Payroll Round 2 Tax update for Dynamics GP 10 has been released this morning. The release has been updated on Customer source and Partner source. Round 3 which includes update for Illinois, Maine and Maryland is yet to be released though.

Round 2 Tax update includes changes to the employer portion bringing it back to 6.2% contribution for FICA/Social security withholding.

To download Round 2 update, Follow the link below

Round 2 US Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0


Payables Management - Document Number appear Blank

When Checkbook ID is selected in Manual Payment entry, the document number appear blank and the payables edit list displays an error that the duplicate check numbers are not allowed.

Sometimes you tend to get confused at times when you see a weird system behavior. You go and look back at your fundamentals if it’s the case really. This happened to me recently while providing support to a client.

This is related to an issue surfaced in manual payment entry screen of Payables Management module of Dynamics GP 10. We all know very well that the document number (check number) in manual payment entry defaults to the available next check number field in Check book maintenance screen when the checkbook ID is selected. In this case, when the check book ID is selected, it just appears blank and doesn’t default to the said field in checkbook maintenance.

For a while, I got confused if this is by design and has to go back to my local install to check if this is really the case. Fortunately not. So what’s causing the issue. My initial thoughts were if the entry screen is customized earlier. I checked it and found there is a customization though it is not set to in Alternate/modified reports.

Another thought ran in my mind if the procedures or table links are damaged so tried SQL Maintenance to recompile, drop and add back procedures, the issue remains in tact.

This time, the Payment document management attracted my interest which is installed on the said environment but lying orphaned. In other words, the setup is blank and returns the message “the payment document management setup is missing or damaged”.

In order to be clear with the exact cause of the issue, I ran the dexsql this time and I saw the last line of code referencing the payment document management tables even though the setup wasn’t done. Since the module is not being used, I just removed the same from Dynamics.Set file and now the entry defaults the next check number.

Just to summarize, watch out the payment document management module if in case you see this error.


Excel Report Builder–Publish Report in GP 2010

"Excel Report Builder: You do not have security privileges to publish this report."

I published an article in late 2009 titled Excel Report Builder: Publish Function that dealt with publishing permissions for report built in Excel Report Builder in Dynamics GP 10.0. Summary of this post is that only user ‘sa’ user can publish the report . Dynamics GP 2010 addressed this problem. I’d say it is resolved partially but not fully because even now not all users are allowed to publish the report. The Publish report permission has been extended to the users with the below server roles

  1. sa user
  2. DYNSA user
  3. db_owner database role
  4. sysAdmin fixed server role
  5. dbcreator fixed server role

On one hand, I found this extension of users as welcoming but on the other hand, I don’t understand why it can’t be applied to all users and leave the control at the user security level. I think it is SQL server limitations which could have made this module developers handicapped to limit the publish function to the roles above and not to all users. Another question, though, it might be stupid knocks my mind that why it wasn’t possible to make this change in Dynamics GP 10 when it could be made in Dynamics GP 2010.

Whatever the reasons are, those who faced this limitation in Dynamics GP 10 can feel relaxed at this positive change provided the application itself is upgraded to 2010.

(References are derived from this article appeared on Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog)


Send To E-Mail Problem with Office Outlook 2010


One of the most flexible feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP is its ability to send reports by E-mail in text or PDF format on the fly. Majority of users find this feature useful and part of their day to day operation.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 brought new issues to this feature. Starting Microsoft Office 2010, Outlook is available as a 32-bit application and 64-bit application.

For those running with Outlook 2010 32-bit application, Send To E-mail feature is no issue. However Issue is with Outlook 2010. The Send to E-mail functionality simply doesn’t work with 64-bit Outlook 2010. When a report is run and send to E-mail, Text or PDF whatever, is selected, Dynamics GP does nothing. Reason for this is Dynamics GP is developed as a 32-bit application . Send to E-mail is a MAPI application which is creating the issue here. Reasons for this issue on part of Microsoft Office 2010 are outlined in this link.

Now I think you ask yourself the same question that I ask myself. Why the heck Other office products like Word 2010 is compatible and why Outlook can’t? I think you have guessed the answer already as I do. A typical Microsoft Support rep might just reply back saying Outlook 2010 64-bit is not compatible with Dynamics GP. So, If you are running Office 2010 and would want to use Send to E-mail feature desperately, the resolution is to just uninstall it and install Office 2010 32-bit at least for now or forever.

While I was going through any possible resolutions for this issue on the net, I have found certain users experiencing the same issue even when they are on Office 2010 32-bit. In this case, resolution suggested was to make sure “Use Cached Exchange Mode” is turned on in E-Mail setup.

If it is an issue with Send to PDF, Make sure the following are satisfied.

  1. Adobe PDF Writer (8.0 or 9.0 ) is installed
  2. Adobe PDF printer settings are correct. Have a look at this KB915467
  3. If it is Terminal services environment, make sure Adobe writer is installed on each workstation

In a nutshell, Send To E-Mail in Dynamics GP will not work with Outlook 2010 64-bit.

Forum discussion threads on this issue:

1. send to pdf greyed out - GP 10.0

2. MAPI Error in GP 2010

3. Systems: Send To Email option not working

4. Send To functionality is not working Cannot send GP report thru email in GP2010 using MS Office 2010 64-bit

If anyone of you have an update on this issue that I’m missing, Please post the comments so as to update the same in the interest of other readers.

UPDATE (Added 21-01-11): If the Send To button is completely unavailable, verify the following information is in Win.ini file and add if it’s not.


(This solution is referenced from this thread and credits to Jerad Plesuk from Microsoft)


Dynamics GP 9.0 Support Ends


Dynamics GP 9.0Support for Dynamics GP 9.0 ended yesterday, i.e., 11-January-2011. The support Lifecycle for Dynamics GP 9.0 can be found here. In order to avail support from Microsoft, It is required to upgrade to Dynamics GP 10.0 or higher.

Mainstream support for Dynamics GP 10.0 ends on 09-October-2012.

Important Note on Payroll Round 2 Update for Dynamics GP 9.

Though support for Dynamics GP 9.0 ends on 11-Jan-2011, Microsoft will release the Round 2 Tax update for Dynamics GP 9.0 also as was unofficially told in Microsoft Dynamics Partner Forum discussion thread. The discussion can be found here. The word is also that Microsoft will provide Dynamics GP 9.0 support for the installation of this patch file alone. It applies the same for SBF 9.0.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above is provided for informative purposes. Please contact Microsoft support Team or your authorized Microsoft Partner for any queries.


GP Customizations–Documentation Critical

I was looking at this great piece of flow diagram for GP customization from Mark Polino this morning. He draws an important parallel between delivering a quality customization versus delivering a customization based on time constraint. Any developer working on a piece of code for customizing the application has to do it right instead of thinking to do it fast.

You can either hang out in the Android Loop or the HURD loop.
(Image courtesy: Mark Polino’s Dynamic Accounting.Net Blog)
Yes. This is the case. I have experienced this earlier. One instance when I was doing an implementation for a telecom sector client in one of my previous job assignments, there was a customization written by an earlier developer . I was told by the client that the developer did deliver it well but he has to do it fast due to time constraint. Ultimately this was a complete start over again.

Clear understanding of requirements is important for a successful delivery of a customization. We should also keep in mind to always respect the business logic of the application while writing the customization. We also get to see sometimes wherein customizations happen to change the business logic of GP and this even though may serve the immediate requirements of client, but it seriously affect the customers in longer term. We have to educate the customers also when they fail to understand the limitation of an application and to what extent a customization can be done.

Another important point which I feel can be included in the Flow diagram is that there MUST be a clear documentation of customization. Why, what and how are the three areas that need to form part of the document for any customization. Without a clear documentation of the initial customization and its later changes, it is a piece of junk which is useful for nothing for the client in my knowledge.

Here’s the summary

1. Do it Right

2. Understand Requirements

3. Educate the Customer about limitations, if any

4. Maintain Precise documentation


Tracking Payroll Updates


Considering the Payroll hot topic, I’ve created the post with a consolidated list of threads being posted on Dynamics community forums whichever I’m finding them helpful. I’d update this post with any other threads that I find in due course of time. If you have any other information to be updated on this post, Please post in the comments section so that I can update the same over here.

  1. GP 10.0 Year End update and Security Issues – This post talks about the security settings that are changed after applying the year-end update.
  2. After 2010 Year End Update applied- This post talks about the reporting issues in Accounts Payable.
  3. Tax Updates GP 10- This post seeks clarification about which payroll update to be applied.
  4. Monthly and Quarterly SUTA/FUTA Liability- This post seeks help in troubleshooting an issue where FUTA/SUTA liability was wrongly processed for Oct-Dec 2010 instead of calculating it for Dec 2010.
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  6. Will round 2 of 2011 tax updates be available for Dynamics GP 9.0-This post asks for information whether round 2 update will be applicable for Dynamics GP 9.0 or not. Just to update here, I have seen a similar post in Dynamics Partner forums where it was replied that Yes it will be applicable but Microsoft might just support till this update only as the support cycle ends on January 11th for GP9.0. Refer to this post link here.
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Credits: Microsoft Dynamics GP Community and Dynamics GP Partner Forums.
Disclaimer: Information posted in this article is collected from the Microsoft Dynamics Communities forums posted by several users. The information is linked to the original source itself. Please contact your respective Dynamics GP partner or Microsoft Support representative for assistance on troubleshooting or clarification and information posted here is strictly for reference purposes.

How to remove requisitions from Business Portal

Purchase Request Details

Consider this scenario of your development environment for Dynamics GP Requisition Management in Business Portal before deploying the production environment. What if you would want to remove all requisitions?

Here is one easy method to accomplish the same. Deleting data from tables is not always the wise choice though.

Requisition Management tables are stored in DYNAMICS database. Here are the tables where it holds requisition transactional data. Keep a backup of DYNAMICS Database first and then run a DELETE statement on these tables below to delete the complete data.

    1. ReqMgmtDocument – This holds the Requisition header data
    2. ReqMgmtLines- This holds the Requisition line items detail
    3. ReqMgmtOpenTasks- This holds list of requisitions waiting on for approval
    4. ReqMgmtAuditHistoryDocument-This holds complete history of the requisitions Header
    5. ReqMgmtAuditHistoryLines- This holds requisitions line item history

After this, We can reset the Next Requisition number in Company settings of Business Portal. (Image courtesy: Templetonsolutions Blog)


Fixed Assets Depreciation hangs on GP 2010



Recently I had encountered an issue while depreciating fixed assets in Dynamics GP 2010. The system hangs for a while and only option was to kill the dynamics.exe from the task manager. I found that there is an issue with assets for which depreciation is less than 0.01.

What I did was to run the following statement first in SQL server to get rid of the current depreciation run after taking a backup of data.


Then, I set those penny assets depreciation method to None from straight line original life method. Now, ran the depreciation routine and it worked like a charm.


US Payroll 2011 Round 1 Tax Tables Update


While going through discussion points in Dynamics GP forums, I observed the queries on Payroll (US) 2011 Tax table update is on a rising trend. Most clients have updated their tax tables to 2011 tables before closing out the year 2010. Adding to this, the new tables included FICA update which calculates Employee FICA SS @ 4.2%, the new rate instead of 6.2%. Since Dynamics GP calculation is based on one rate, both employer and employee rate is set @ 4.2% while it should be 6.2% for employers contribution. The workaround was to pass a GL adjustment for the remaining employer’s contribution. However, A Round 2 Tax update is planned to be release d by January 24th which is supposed to take care of this issue.

It seems some clients have updated with 2011 tax tables before closing 2010 year-end. This might give errors on W-2 validation report. The fix to this issue as suggested by others is to download and install Round 7 tax update for 2010 and to re-install 2011 update once the 2010 is closed and ready to do the 2011 pay run.

Here is the link to Round 7 Tax Update. Also refer to KB 850663 for year-end closing procedures for Dynamics GP payroll.

Other Posts on FICA Update

FICA SS Withholding Information for Dynamics GP

Disclaimer: Information in this post is based on information from the discussion groups.Advised to make proper backups and test in development environment before rolling the updates. Also advised to consult the Partner or Microsoft Dynamics GP representative.


Management Reporter Feature Pack 1 for Dynamics GP Released

(Image source: reese-consulting)

Management Reporter Feature Pack (FP) 1 is released for Dynamics GP and now available for download. This is good music to those using the Management Reporter and waiting for currency translation support.

I have installed MR on my PC but could not get an opportunity to work on it in detail so far as it fails to connect outside the domain.

(Image source: reese-consulting)

More information on this release can be obtained from this blog entry.

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