SCM Metrics II – ABC Analysis

In my earlier post SCM Metrics I – back orders, I covered on how we can track back orders in Dynamics GP for efficient SCM. In this post, I’ll cover yet another powerful Analysis functionality, ABC Analysis available in Dynamics GP. ABC Analysis in Dynamics GP is easier to implement with several options available for us to choose from. Common categorization is A – 80%; B – 15%; C – 5%.


ABC Analysis is in its simple form, a way to categorize or group the products. Most common method is to categorize items based on Annual Quantity usage. Dynamics GP ABC Analysis functionality not only provides to categorize items based on Annual Quantity Usage, it also gives other other methods to choose from.


  • Usage quantity (the number of units consumed over a period of time)
  • Usage value (usage quantity times unit cost)
  • On-hand inventory value (on-hand quantity in the Items Quantity Maintenance window times unit cost)
  • Unit cost (the current cost or standard cost depending on the valuation method of each item)

For Usage Quantity as well as Usage value, It also offers the Analysis options below

  • Historical usage
  • Projected Usage
  • Weighted Average

imageWithout having to do this task manually, Dynamics GP does it for us and do the analysis of the items based on our parameters as can be seen above. However, Remember that there are also other considerations, such as "critical items" that may have low usage,  but need special monitoring because you can't run out of stock due to a customer agreement. So your definition of A items may need to be  customized.

For those who are not aware of ABC Analysis in Dynamics GP, It is available in this path. Inventory | Routines | Item ABC Analysis.

In my upcoming posts, I’d cover another SMC Metric.


Dynamics GP Forums: Got two answers in 20minutes

This morning I was looking at my Twitter followers list and marked some followers on my following list who share common interest, Dynamics GP. Among the Followers that I  follow include Mark Polino, Mohammed Daoud, Rose Business Solutions, Avende,erpsoftwareblog, dynamicsworld.

Good news is the followers list for DynamicsBlogger is ever expanding. While looking at some of the tweets from my followers list, I have this blog article from dynamicsworld that caught my attention. The Author Stephen Cantor shares his latest experience with Dynamics GP forums. He talks about how he posted a question in one of the several Dynamics GP Forums and how he got perfect answers within 20 minutes of his posting. Isn’t it amazing? This is something that everyone agrees with him. Dynamics GP Forums have always been helpful and continue to be so. Several of the community members dedicate their precious time in answering questions. Dynamics GP has several communities to help people. Most of them are Microsoft hosted and some forums are hosted on non-Microsoft sites. I’d list the Microsoft hosted ones here.

1. Dynamics GP partner Forums – This is exclusively for partners. Here is one forum that helps partners save their support calls and get their questions answered. Requires a Microsoft Partner Login for access. Moderated by Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team.

2. Dynamics GP Community – This is for Partners and End users, in other words, for everyone with interest in Dynamics GP. Not moderated.

3. Dynamics GP Newsgroups – This is again for everyone with interest in Dynamics GP. This Newsgroup is also available on Google Groups. This Newsgroup sometimes get SPAM content. Not moderated.

4. Dynamics GP Newsgroups(developer) – This is for everyone with interest in Dynamics GP however most suited for Developer queries. Not moderated.

Apart from these, there are several other forums out thereto help answer Dynamics GP Questions. Most of the community members do ask to have one common platform for end-users to post questions. I’m also one among them strongly supporting to have a platform like Dynamics GP partner forums. Newsgroups are serving the Users for quite long time now and not catching up with the increasing needs and needs a change in the near future. Having one community for end users and continuing with the current Dynamics GP partner forums will definitely be a good idea because you have one place to search for your answers instead of searching it in multiple forums. While being a contributor to Dynamics GP community, One thing that I find it discouraging is some posters do care to post their questions and do not take their time to mark the questions as answered or helpful. It is the least you can do as a courtesy after having your questions answered. This doesn’t add up to any benefits for the answerer yet it helps the other community members find it helpful when they search for those. To conclude, participate actively in communities, give and take the knowledge in return.

Share your experiences or suggestions on Dynamics GP Forums if you have any here in comments.


All Call stacks are in Use. Cannot Start script

"All Call stacks are in Use. Cannot Start script"

I've covered the basic resolution for this issue in my earlier post GP Troubleshooting-I. Recently, In a client place, I got to see this error back again in General Entry. I followed whatever troubleshooting steps required to rectify this that turned out to be futile. Finally, I figured out. It is the same issue as to Regional Settings. We must agree on a common ground that this error surfaces mostly due to SQL collation settings conflicting with Windows regional settings on Clients or ODBC settings for Dynamics GP. In my case, The collation being followed on SQL was ARABIC_CI_AS. It works fine on Server and some other clients. However, For some machines that are brand new, it gives the call stacks error whenever I open the General Entry screen. The resolution I adopted was the following
1. In the Regional Settings, I changed it to United States in the first place from Arabic(Bahrain) as you cans ee in the following image
 2. I went to Languages Tab in the same Regional Settings, and then Click Details to open the following window. Here again I made sure I select the default input text language as English(United States) and then made sure I have the Arabic language installed.
3. Then came the most important step of this whole issue. Languages for non-Unicode programs. This is very critical for the error coming in the General Entry. This setting is again in Regional settings, Advanced Tab. Here the earlier setting was English(United States) in Select languages drop down. I changed in to Arabic(bahrain) and made sure I marked everything for code page conversion tables.
It asks for a restart of the client computer after these changes and Yes, we have to do it. Now, come back to Dynamics GP and open the General Entry, voila, It works perfect!

Couple of known issues in Dynamics GP10 SP4

In my earlier post on Fixes in Dynamics GP10 SP4, I’ve covered couple of fixes that I found during the testing. Now, In this post,I’m covering couple of issues that are already identified by Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical support and being looked into that might be resolved at the earliest.
1.  You cannot export package files (xml) for Smartlists.
2.  You cannot edit a calculated field in a Smartlist.  Existing calculated fields seem to work, but if you edit one or create a new one, you will get the same error that you get when you try to export a package file.
Remember that these issues have already been logged into and will be addressed soon by the Development Team, per an update posted in Dynamics GP partner Forum.
Update: For a Fix on these issues, Please click here. (Added on 09/01/2009


Fixes in Dynamics GP10 SP4

Two issues that I’ve seen in Dynamics GP V10 SP3 appear to have been fixed in Dynamics GP V10 SP4.

1.This is something I’ve posted in my earlier post. “Error : Posting to table POP30310. Restore from a backup if possible” message that appears while posting a shipment for Serial tracked item. Link for this post is here.

This appears to be resolved in Dynamics GP10 SP4 as I can see during my testing.

2. Stored Procedure error while trying to post the Cash Book Bank Management entry in Payables Management. This appears in Dynamics GP10 SP3

"Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'TRXDATE' , table GL20000, column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails and then The stored procedure Update_BM_PM_Date returned the following results DBMS: 515 and Dynamics: 0”

This bug also seem to be resolved with Dynamics GP V10 SP4 as I can see it again during my testing.

I’ll update any other findings subsequently as and when I find the same.

You cannot change the PURCH account at the summary level

You cannot change the PURCH account at the summary level.Change the Inventory A/c for the line item instead


Effective Dynamics GP V10 SP2, we get to see this message frequently. We are just used with the old versions that we tend to forget this new control added effective V10 SP2. For those who aren’t aware of this message, this message appears whenever we try to modify the inventory account with PURCH distribution type in either receivings Transaction entry or Purchasing Invoice entry distribution windows.

Ok. What is the background of this message? The reason why the end user cannot change the PURCH type distribution account at the summary level is because Inventory is updated with the detail (the account per line Item) and General Ledger is updated with summary (the account at the summary level for the receipt). If the end user could change the account at the summary level, General Ledger would be updated with the account that was changed at the summary level and Inventory would be updated with account still assigned at the line Item level; therefore, you could NOT reconcile Inventory with the General Ledger. In order for Inventory to reconcile with the General Ledger, the PURCH type distribution account needs to be changed at the line Item level so both Inventory and General Ledger are being updated with the same account."

The workaround solution is to change the inventory account in Item Detail Entry window for each line item. Worst is that the same is the case for non-inventory items. There is no escape for an item being a non-inventory. This new control is hurting the clients rather than helping them. At least, this is what the feedback that I received from some of my select clients. Why this control curbs the ability to enter the distributions for non-inventory items which has no relevance to update the inventory and matching the same with GL, which is what I wonder about and the same is what my clients do argue with me.

My contention is simple. When we have the process to allow non-inventory items as well where you just don’t create them as items in Item master and just add non-IV on the fly, this is no way related to Inventory area. So, At least if an option does exist for Non-IV items to ignore this control or for the Inventory also, those clients who want this control will keep it and those who don’t they will not exercise this. Specially in any Global system, we should be controlling these types of things at the setup options level and not just make processes mandatory because each client uses the system in different ways according to their own processes.

I’m hoping a solution for this in the near future. Anyone are welcome to share their ideas on this issue.


Dynamics GP 10 SP4 relased

Hello Guys. Dynamics GP V10 SP4 released just now. You can download the same following this link below
Download Dynamics GP 10 SP4

Update: KB 971808 should be published within a week to list most of the critical bugs included in this Service Pack. (Added 08/25/2009)

For more information on this service pack, do have a look at victoria yudin's post Service pack 4 for Dynamics GP10. (Added 08/25/2009)

Other Blogs blogging on Service Pack4: (Added 08/25/2009)

1. DynamicsGPBlogster Blog : http://dynamicsgpblogster.blogspot.com/2009/08/microsoft-dynamics-gp-v10-service-pack.html

2. Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/gp/archive/2009/08/24/microsoft-dynamics-gp-service-pack-4-now-available.aspx

3. Developing for Dynamics GP Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2009/08/25/microsoft-dynamics-gp-10-0-service-pack-4.aspx

4. Vaidy-DynGP Blog: http://www.vaidy-dyngp.com/2009/08/gp-100-sp4-available-now.html

5. DynamicsAccounting.Net Blog: http://msdynamicsgp.blogspot.com/2009/08/dynamics-gp-10-service-pack-4-is-out.html

6. Mohammed Daoud Blog : http://mohdaoud.blogspot.com/2009/08/microsoft-dynamics-gp-sp4-just-released.html

Celebrating Windows Live Messenger 10th Anniversary

Microsoft is celebrating its Windows Live Messenger 10th Anniversary and this video below is a perfect show of their celebration.

Smartlist Initialization

We get to see this message when Dynamics GP is installed and launched for the first time on a machine.

To us the Smartlist capability in this product, the Smartlist table must be built. This is a one-time initialization process and may take a few minutes. Do you want to proceed with the initialization now?

Mostly during upgrades from previous versions, sometimes this initialization would result into errors that result in display of empty data in smartlists while returning different types of errors pertaining to smartlist tables. Not necessarily during upgrades, sometimes for various other reasons as well, we get to see the following errors.

“A get/change first operation on table ‘ASI_MSTR_Explorer_Favorites_OrderBy” cannot find table”

“A get/change first operation on table ‘ASI_Explorer_Export_Favorites’ cannot find the table”

Whenever I get to see these types of errors either during the upgrades where the initialization doesn’t happen properly or it happens on a working installation, the resolution would involve rebuilding the smartlist tables. However, in this resolution, we need to careful about any favorites in particular and it might involve rebuilding the favorites again manually. Ok. So, Here is how we do it.

Option 1: Try Dropping and Creating Tables, then Drop and Create the Auto Procedures on Smartlist product in both DYNAMICS and each of the company databases. This might help in resolving the issues in the first instance.


Option 2: In some cases, the above might just not work. I don’t want to go into reasons behind it. In such extreme cases, what I’d do is I’d simply drop the Table and Auto Procedures and not mark the creating the tables and Auto procedures. By this step, I’d allow the Dynamics GP to recreate the same by the initialization process next time we log into the application. So, In this case, instead of option 1 above, Just Mark Drop Tables, and Drop Auto procedures in DYNAMICS and each of company databases and Process. Then, Log out of the Dynamics GP and Log in again. The initialization process would commence again and this time it must work for us.

Other posts on smartlist are listed here.


Differences Between PO Commitments and Encumbrances

For most of us who would like to understand the prime differences between PO Commitments and Encumbrance Management functionality, Here comes a great information from Dynamics GP partner Forums as was provided by C J Joven of Microsoft. 
1. Encumbrance tracks history in Great Plains while PO Commitments does not.
2. Encumbrance doesn’t integrate with Requisition Management only PO Commitments. You can still use Encumbrance instead of Commitments, but you can’t track against a budget within Business Portal Requisition Management until you create a PO in Great Plains.
3. Encumbrance requires all budgets to be entered for all open fiscal years but PO Commitment's budgets can be entered for any years you want to.
1.They are initiated in the Purchase Order Entry window.
2. Budgets are for Purchase Orders only.
3. Can do multiple purchases simultaneously (mass).
4. Inquiries on current view.
5. No MC functionality.
6. Maintenance available.

Send To: Mail Recipient (PDF) grayed out

This is again an issue I get to see in many client places where the users complain they see the Send to Mail Recipient(PDF) grayed out. If Adobe Acrobat writer is installed and the same is still grayed out on all workstations, the resolution is already outlined in KB Article 852539. However, If the Adobe Acrobat writer is not installed and a different PDF writer like BCL EasyPDF , the Send To: Mail Recipient (PDF) grays out because this option works only when Adobe Acrobat writer is installed and Dexterity won’t entertain any other PDF writer except Adobe. One thing that is noteworthy is Printing to PDF still works with any PDF writer be it Adobe, BCL EasyPDF and so on.

Most users complain why this is the case and even blame Microsoft for this. However, end of the day, it is the fact that remains. In one of the Newsgroups threads, I’ve seen interesting discussion that went on with regard to this and Patrick from Microsoft Developer Support has provided a genuine and highly convincing reply as to this limitation.Part of his reply goes on to say

”Which free pdf writer would you prefer? Can you guarantee that in a year that it will still be available? Does this pdf engine have the ability to basically notify the caller that it's finished so Dexterity can pick up the file and attach it to the email? From what I understand, getting Dexterity the ability to use the PDF Distiller from Adobe was quite difficult (not to "print" to it of course since it is just a "Printer") to get and hook up to the email. While I can totally see why being able to use a free pdf engine is a "good thing" - nothing beats free - I doubt it is a simple as you suspect. And then to make it work with "any" pdf writer would seem a bit unlikely- you'd have to pick a few different ones at best. And then you'd have people crying foul about Microsoft getting with certain providers of these PDF writers and so on and so on”

For a complete thread, visit this link.

The good news is Dynamics GP V11 will allow you to produce PDF and XPS documents without the need of Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF writer just like MS word 2007 does today, Mariano Gomez cites the reference of presentation on Microsoft Virtual Convergence in Dynamics GP partner Forums thread.


Excel Report Builder: Publish Function

In Excel Report Builder for Dynamics GP V10, we get to see this message when a User other than “sa” tries to publish the Report.

"Excel Report Builder: You do not have security privileges to publish this report."


This happens despite the necessary permissions are assigned to the respective user to do the same. The answer is that the current functionality limits the publishing reports in Excel Report Builder to sa user only and no other user can actually publish the same. So, Anyone trying their hard luck to get this done through a User other than sa, do not waste your time on setting this up and instead use the sa user for this function.

Dynamics GP 10 SP4 might release next week

Most of us are anxiously waiting when we would see the Dynamics GP V10 SP4. We might be seeing anytime during Next week, possible release date is August 24th. Refer to this link for more details


Dynamics GP on a Cluster Environment

This is something we get to hear frequently in various forums whether Dynamics GP supports a cluster environment. The answer is Yes. This is what the KB926490 suggests. Few tips to install Dynamics GP in Clustered environment based on my earlier experience of doing the same for an implementation.

  1. We can run Dynamics GP in a single-instance clustering environment and in multiple instance clustering provided there is one to one relationship in a SQL Server instance
  2. We can install Dynamics GP in an Active-passive cluster mode.
  3. Assume, we have two servers A and B. On Server A(Active node), Dynamics GP and SQL Server databases reside. Server B acts as passive node.
  4. SQL Server databases need to be kept in a common drive for both servers A and B
  5. On the Server B, there is no need to install Dynamics GP.
  6. While installing Dynamics GP 10 Server on Server A, the installation detects the common drive for both servers and automatically maps the system and company databases to the same drive
  7. Once can refer to this link that presents a step-by-step guide to install SQL Server on cluster mode. Remember this is necessary prior to Dynamics GP installation.
  8. Installing SQL Servers on Clustered environment means, it will guide you to install the actual SQL Server on Server A (in this example) while Server B will be installed with a virtual SQL Server.

Once the installation is done in the above manner, we can test the configuration by forcing a failover on Server A. There are certain questions as to whether we can do the  failover cluster over terminal Services. The answer to me is No when I refer to this KB294926.

Besides supporting Clustering environment, Dynamics GP also supports Replication, Log Shipping and Database Mirroring as per the KB926490.


SQL Maintenance blooper

Sometime back I received a call from one of my clients. Client was having some system setup related issue that required a SQL Maintenance to be done. I quickly guided him over phone to go to MS Dynamics GP | Maintenance | SQL and select the required tables. Prior to this, I asked him if he kept a backup of DYNAMICS database and the answer was Yes. However, the system administrator of the client being new to the Dynamics GP environment (which I came to know only later) selected all tables by mistake and hit Drop Tables. Worst part was that there were users working online at this time. More worst was that after this happened, the new system administrator realized he doesn’t have a proper backup. Needless to say, the damage was real quick. All the users working online have been kicked out. There are several companies linked to the DYNAMICS database that got totally messed up. What would I do in this scenario?
I realized there must be some way out. Then, came a flashing idea. Why can’t we try hooking up any old(not so old) copy of DYNAMICS to this. Started searching for the same in the server directories and could find a copy of DYNAMICS that was 2 months older. Client was lazy enough to keep proper backups. I restored this DYNAMICS database to the existing database. Yes, it worked. However, minor data loss in the form of say, a new user record created recently was not there, so, we could quickly create the same. Similar but minor issues like some users who are assigned modified reports security wasn’t out there so have to set it up. Finally, things are back up and running. I just told myself “Oh! Boy..Today is your day!”
Why am I sharing this out here? Is to just let my readers know how scary it can be sometimes,  SQL Maintenance, if not done without having proper backups.Which is why I always tell my clients to keep proper data backups prior to doing any SQL maintenance. Specially, these are certain tasks that are recommended to be done with the help of either the Partners or experienced System administrators unless otherwise trust me, You got to pay for it!

UPDATE : Please do see a word of caution on linked Notes from David Musgrave in the Comments. Added on 18/08/2009

Please do see a similar experience shared by Doug, David Musgrave and Mariano from the link in the comments. Added on 19/08/2009


Now Follow Dynamics GP Blogs on Twitter

Today’s word is Twitter. Be it an individual or a business, would love to follow or get followed on Twitter. I thought why can’t we extend Dynamics GP reach via Twitter in the form of syndicating various Dynamics GP Blogs content in Dynamics GP Community. This Idea now became a reality. Almost every Dynamics GP blog that I’m following is now on Twitter. Content would be updated dynamically on Twitter every half-hour from various Dynamics GP blogs that includes Dynamics Blogger as well.

You can now follow all Dynamics GP Blogs recent content by going to Twitter:@dynamicsblogger.
Almost all Dynamics GP Blogs on my Google Following List is included in this Dynamic Update on Twitter. Please let me know if any of your blogs are not included in this update, based on which I could review the same. On the other hand, Please let me know if any of the bloggers doesn’t want to see their content on this feed. Each article’s link and short summary would only be visible that leads to use the original blog link (So, it only helps to increase your blog traffic instead!)

You can also reach this Master feed from DynamicsBlogger at the following address



General Posting Journal in Subsidiary Modules

Whenever Post through GL in Posting Settings for subsidiary modules, General posting Journal will be printed when an entry is posted in subsidiary modules. What if, we want to skip this General Posting Journal in subsidiary modules while retaining the ability to print the same for direct GL entries. Mariano Gomez provides a smart solution (as always ) for the same using Report Writer in response to a question raised in Dynamics GP partner Forum.
1) Open Report Writer.
2) Select the General Posting Journal report from the list of Original Reports. Click on Insert.
3) Click on Open to go to open the Report Definition window
4) Click on the Restrictions button to open the Report Restrictions window
5) Click the New button to open the Report Restriction Definition window and add a new restriction
6) In the Restriction Name field type Source Document
7) From the Fields section, select Transaction Work from the Report Table DDL, and Source Document from Table Fields DDL. Click Add to continue
8) Click the [=] button from the Operators section.
9) In the constants section, choose String from the Type DDL, then type GJ in the Constant field. Click Add to continue
NOTE: your Restriction Expression should look like this, GL_TRX_HDR_WORK.Source Document = "GJ"

10) Click on OK to save and close the Report Restriction Definition window.
11) Click the 'X' button to close the Report Restrictions window
12) Click on OK to close the Report Definition window
By these steps, Posting Journal would only yield Journal entries entered only in GL. Anyone looking for a similar solution can give a try.


Smartlist Builder Field Comparison Value changes erroneously

A Forum member posted a query in Dynamics GP partner Forums today that when she is trying to use Field Comparison in Search Criteria for a smartlist built using Smartlist Builder throws an invalid value in the value field. I was quick to test the scenario on my system. I’m able to exactly recreate her scenario. Here in the below image, the value field is shown as “Are you sure you want to delete this order ID?”. However this was not the value that I gave in the field. My criteria was to search for records where Current Transaction amount is not equal to Original Transaction Amount. Once I save the search as a favorite, then go back to this favorite, it replaced this Original Transaction amount with the above field.


Then I extended my testing on other smartlists that were built using Smartlist Builder. Strange that this is happening across all smartlists built using Smartlist Builder. Interesting thing is that the results are absolutely correct and no issues on that front except that the value field is converting to some weird text.

Here are the steps for recreating the issue

  1. Take any smartlist built using Smartlist Builder
  2. Go to the Search for that smartlist, then provide the column name in the Column Name
  3. Mark Field Comparison and provide the condition like not equal to or equal to and then provide the value against which the column name to be compared. In my example I compared the current trx amount with original trx amount where current trx amount is not equal to original trx amount.
  4. Save this search as a favorite of your own name and then come out of the same
  5. Now, Come back to the Favorite then see the value in the search criteria the value is changed to some weird text. However, results remain correct.

Anyone having different results or have comments, please feel free to post back.

Note: This was tested on V10 SP3.


Recent Additions to my blog

For those who are following my blog from day one, they’d have already noticed several additions to my blog. I thought to share the recent value-add that I did to the blog in order to achieve my utmost objective of making it more clean and presentable format (apart from the subject-matter of the blog). 

  1. Blogger Classic Template changed to the current community Template
  2. Added Lijit Search (I’ve a very special note on this one in specific below)
  3. Added Microsoft Translator widget that helps readers looking for multi      languages            
  4. Cute Share This widget at the end of every post that gives the readers ability to share the post to multiple social networking sites
  5. OutBrain Widget at the end of every post that provides recommendations to readers on other posts
  6. DisQus Widget at the end of every post that provides more flexible ways of comments system

As I said above, I’d want to share the experience of Lijit Search widget in specific that I like the most on my blog. It gives the readers a more customized search experience.


1. We can combine our content that we do on almost all blogging platforms, Social Networking sites and so on so that once the reader searches for any keyword, it returns the results from my whole content, let it be on my blog, my social bookmarks, my RSS feeds.
2. It also provides the Search results from my network (whatever blogs I add to my BlogRoll). So, My Reader need not feel disappointed for not finding relevant content on my blog alone. They can instead search in my network as well to find any results matching their query. If they are still not satisfied, it again gives the ability to search in Web (powered by Google). What else as a publisher do I expect from a free plug-in?

3. To add more, It provides entire statistics of the Blog, where the Readers are coming from, number of page views, number of searches with keyword details,Who is having you on their BlogRoll and so on.

4. When the reader clicks the little explore button on the search widget, it shows my entire network in an awesome flow diagram format that shows all my blogs link to me and the links again to those blogs helping you to expand your blog network.

For those who are blogging, I’d say it is a cool little tool that instead does bigger things. So, Watch out the Lijit Search widget in particular on the blog.


How dynamicsgptestdrive saved my day

I must share with each one of my blog readers on how dynamicsgptestdrive.com site saved my day for one demo as a last minute resort. I have a scheduled demonstration for a client where I have to demonstrate Dynamics GP Business Portal Requisition Management and Purchasing Flow in Dynamics GP. We use a system dedicated for demo purposes loaded with all features and products belonging to Dynamics GP. I was thinking everything is all set for demo until I realized in the last minute that the demo system is crashed for reasons unknown. What shall I do? I was thinking my only option left is to request the client to reschedule the same for some other day. However, I was quick in realizing I have an alternate solution before me, Dynamicsgptestdrive.com
Dynamicsgptestdrive is loaded with the Dynamics GP VPC that has almost all modules installed including Business Portal. It is designed in a most intelligent fashion, I must say.
Those who haven’t seen the same before can view it by clicking the above link. One can refer the same to their prospects just in case they would say they want to play a little with it before they like it.
It’s a quite innovative tool available for all of us to use in order to gain more confidence from Dynamics GP Prospects. One must thank the big brains involved to come up with this idea.


Accounts Segments Length Cut-off

Either call it my ignorance or lack of opportunity to realize it much before. I came to know of one downside we currently have on the display of maximum account segments and the account length. While doing a migration for one client from their legacy system, I have had to configure the same Chart of Accounts in Dynamics GP, they have on the legacy system. I was pretty fast as usual, doing my stuff of adding the account categories, preparing the file for import using Integration Manager, all went fine until I came to the accounts Cards window where this little thing took me to surprise. The actual segments were like this (All are numeric)
1 6
2 3
3 5
4 2
5 6
I thought I might just need to go and adjust the expansion in Account Format setup. No, I was wrong in my calculation. The display cuts off at Segment 4 or 5 partly (I don’t exactly remember until I visit my client site again). Then, My idea was to just modify the accounts card screen using Modifier. Successful. Then, what about other windows? How many windows as such can i go and modify? Almost every module does have account distributions? I gave up. My easy solution is to write a product feedback for the same to our Microsoft Product Development team buddies in Connect.
Segments are being replaced with Dimensions today in many systems. However, Some people might just find the segments approach easier in some cases and in some cases it becomes a necessity too like the one I faced. Mostly when we do some typical migrations in Banking Industry that ultimately would have integrations to their core banking systems with Dynamics GP, we have to land up using the same account structure.

Reading the whole story about the segments display cut-off, Do you feel the same way I did? Need not be the same thought as I think. However, Those who just feel I’m correct in asking for this flexibility in terms of display of all account segments, You have an opportunity to support the same. Please login to Microsoft Connect, Vote for it if you feel the existence of this is genuine and would help each one of you.
I must say one great thing about the Product Feedback to Microsoft. It listens to each one of our feedback, It acts the same way in almost each and every genuine case.
Anyone do have an alternate solution or comments, Please do not hesitate to post the same in the comments.



Error: Posting to table POP30310. Restore from a backup if possible

When a Shipment is posted in Receivings Transaction entry screen, we get to see an error in the Posting journal that get printed after posting.

Error: Posting to table POP30310. Restore from a backup if possible

This happens if the line items on the Shipment include items with serial numbers. This issue can be recreated as follows.
1. Create two new items. One that is serialized and the other that is not.
2. Create a PO with both line items (Transactions | Purchasing | Purchase Order Entry)
3. Create a Shipment/Invoice for the PO using both items(Click Actions on Purchase Order Entry window | click receive and invoice the PO)
i. Enter any value for the serial number when prompted
ii. Post document
4. Look up receipt (Inquiry | Purchasing | Purchase Order Documents)
a. Once you find the document on the list, click the drill back for the document to be taken to the Inquiry Zoom window


You should see the line item for the serialized item number and the line item for the non-serialized item.


You do not see the line item for the serialized item number, you only seen the non-serialized item. The record for the serialized item does not exist in the POP30310 but does exist in the POP30330.
However after running Check Links on Purchasing History, the POP30330 record is removed so further data damage does result. 
We can still able to see the POP10500 record for the serialized line on the receipt.


This issue came up during one of the threads posted on Dynamics GP partner forums recently, and here is the resolution

“It appears that it specific to a field level stored procedure that is not working as intended. there is currently not a dedicated hot fix released for it. There is, on the other hand, a patch for the stored procedure. I would suggest that you open an incident to inquire about this more. Just don't forget to mention "MBS Great Plains 53636 - When POP receipts are posted, records are not created in the POP30310 for serialized items"

UPDATE: This appears to be resolved in Dynamics GP 10 SP4. (Added 08/25/2009)


I. FRx reports headers are not coming over when trying to export it to MS-Excel?

  1. Make sure you’re using Formatted Excel while trying to export the report
  2. Headers are set up correctly
  3. Possible that a column layout is damaged. To test it out, create as many columns to rule out any building block being corrupted.
  4. If most columns are set to NP , in Excel they would remain hidden in which case, we have to un hide the same in excel.

II.  We have lost the FRx password. How can we recover the same? 

   1. If you’re not using FRx security, then the GP login can be reset
   2. If you’re using FRx security, then the Administrator can reset the password for them 
   3. If the Administrator password is lost, then a support incident need to be opened with Microsoft Support. A password would be provided by the support

III. While installing FRx AA Add-in, Setup was unable to find FRx 6.7 for Great Plains service Pack 5 or later on your computer error comes? 
1. Make Sure AA add-in is installed prior to applying the Service pack
2. Apply the specific service pack to AA add-in for SP10 that can be found here in this link

III. Every time we try to send a FRx report using e-mail option, it works except that a message appears “A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this?"

This message appears due to an outlook setting. Follow the KB article 872180 and KB Article 963930 to bypass the same.

IV. Can i install FRx on a 64-bit Windows 2008 Server?

1. FRx is not compatible on Windows 2008 server 64-bit environment.
2. The workaround for this is to install the shared sysdata folder on a 32-bit folder|
3. Roadmap to FRx article posted by Mariano is worth reading in this perspective. Follow this link.
4. Follow this link on Microsoft plans to support Management Reporter to support 64-bit.

V. Is FRx compatible on Windows Vista?

FRx6.7 is compatible on Windows Vista starting Service pack 9. Follow KB Article 929908 for more information.

VI.While accessing the FRx drilldown viewer, the viewer opens however it does not generate any report. We also get errors like Table failed to open, Error 200, Error 381?

Possibly FRx folders permissions issue. To resolve the same, Follow the KB Article 860874. Also, Consider upgrading to latest service pack. 

Dynamics GP Troubleshooting-I

I. While trying to post a batch, the user receives an error saying the batch is being posted even though no other user is posting the same?

Make sure you have a valid backup of dynamics GP data. Run the following script to verify the status in your company database (Login to SQL Server Management Studio). While being posted, the batch status would be set to 5 and now it has to be changed back to 0.

---Replace XXX with your batch number

II. Sometimes a user by mistake prints a SOP transaction and then try to delete it, he doesn’t find an option to delete the same and instead, it has to be voided?

For control purposes, it is always advisable to void the document and not delete the same. However, If it specifically has to be deleted, we can use the following script

---Replace XXX with your Sop Number

III. While doing a Dynamics GP Upgrade, Utilities give an error that the selected company is being updated by another client?

Make sure no users are logged into the company being upgraded and then run the following script


IV. When the User attempts to close the year in General Ledger, the following error message appears despite no one else is doing the same?

“Sorry, another user is closing the year.”

Run the following script against the company database


V. When attempting to post a batch in GL, the following message appears though any year-end process is not happening?

“ Batches cannot be posted while the year-end close is in progress”

Have all the users log out of the Dynamics GP, Run the following scripts against the respective databases


VI.While attempting to do an Year-end close, the user gets the following error?

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PKSY00800’. Attempt to insert duplicate key in object ‘SY00800’

Recreate the PKSY00800 Index for the SY00800 table. Run the following script in DYNAMICS DB

alter table SY00800 drop constraint PKSY00800

Then, run the following script again

alter table SY00800 add constraint PKSY00800 PRIMARY KEY nonclustered (USERID, CMPNYNAM, BACHNUMB, BCHSOURC, WINTYPE)

VII. User gets the error message “All Call Stacks are in Use. Cannot start Script”

Change the Regional Settings to English United States in control panel. Then Come to ODBC settings for Dynamics GP, Click Configure, come to screen where it shows perform Translation for character data, unmark it if marked. Make sure Use ANSI Quoted Identifiers and Use ANSI Nulls, paddings and warnings are all unmarked.

I’ll try to put more troubleshooting tips in my future posts. Please note that the above methods are unsupported and users are cautioned to do proper backups of data prior to executing any scripts.


eConnect Integration experiences


Steve comes with a great post detailing his recent experience on econnect integration in Dynamics GP V9.0. Read the article, clicking the below link

Dynamics GP Land: Sending XML Files to eConnect

VSTools has a new RM Statement in Crystal

If you are looking for a custom RM statement along with so many logos, VSTools has a solution written for RM Statement. Check this out



Windows7 compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP10

Windows 7 is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP10. We can run Dynamics GP 10 on Windows7 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 once they are RTM'd, expecting in October. Product teams for Dynamics GP have already completed the testing of the Windows 7 bits, according to Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.
The System requirements for Dynamics GP 10 is also updated with this information in the Additional information page.  
Interesting news to know is that there are no plans to make it compatible with Dynamics GP 9.0 or before. So, Watch out, It's time for Upgrade to Dynamics GP10.
For more information, Refer to this article from Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.

Support Debugging Tool FAQ

David wrote a detail FAQ on Support Debugging Tool. For everyone looking forward to know more about this tool, Here is the link


Also Check out his other posts on Support Debugging Tool


Avoid Exchange Rate Entry window during Transaction Entry

We get to see an Exchange Rate Entry window every time we try to post a transaction entry in Multicurrency, be it a General Entry or a Transaction in Sales or Purchasing series.



This happens whenever a valid exchange rate could not be found in the Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance for the selected currency Rate Type. In some cases, the Exchange rate for certain currencies doesn’t change frequently. In these cases, we can choose to avoid this Exchange Rate Entry window by inserting an exchange rate that stays unexpired as shown below. Adding to this we need to set the Exchange Table ID to search for Unlimited Unexpired Rates as well as assigning a Transaction rate Default to either “previous Date” or “Next Date”.


Now, when we enter a transaction in Multicurrency, the system automatically assigns the recently available rate to the transaction by default until and unless we insert another new rate that would then become the new default. Remember that this setup is required for each of the transaction type if there are different transaction type for Financial, Sales and Purchasing Series provided the rate is constant for all these transaction types. Adding to this, this setting makes sense for only those currencies which stays constant for most of the time.

Dynamics GP windows are hidden and not resizing

Steve Endow, shares a small quirk issue that he faced recently with the Dynamics GP windows and on how he was able to get them back working in his recent post in Dynamics GP Land Blog

Here’s the link to the post



Announcing Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog Carnival

I’m hosting a new Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog Carnival that is scheduled to be published on September 3rd 2009. Interested Authors blogging on MS Dynamics GP can submit their articles that would be published as part of this Blog Carnival. Being the first carnival, the carnival would be of general subject on MS Dynamics GP. Based on the feedback of this carnival, future carnivals would be hosted. Those who are interested to submit their articles can submit the same using this submit Form. Alternatively, Articles submission can also be sent to my E-mail address below .The end date for submission of articles is August 31st 2009.

As part of the carnival, the links of each article will only be published pointing to the original blog added with a brief summary on each article.

Hope everyone enjoys participating in this event

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Partner Exclusive Webinars in August

Two webinars exclusively for Microsoft Partners are coming up during this month. These two webinars are focused on how Partners can present more value to their existing customers leading to an increase in sales. Here are the links for registration of the two events

Drive Sales in a New Economy:  Expand Your Customers Ability to Collaborate with the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office SharePoint Partner Sales Training
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